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I am available to have one on one consulting sessions to assess college choices, high school selections, positioning your child, questions to ask coaches, or anything else related to basketball decisions.

Consultation fees start at $40/hour and will be tailored to your specific need. 



I am available to conduct seminars for your high school, middle school, AAU program, youth recreation league, or training facility.  Youth sports is big business and there is no better way then to ensure their parents are educated on those things important to their childs success.


Seminars: (Pricing based on need)

  • I have had the pleasure of speaking to AAU programs, High School Students Parents, and Coaches.  The topics I speak on include those listed below and any other topics that involve youth sports.  

    • Evaluating High School Choices

    • Evaluating College Choices

    • Evaluating AAU/Travel Team Choices

    • Ways to keep your athletes motivated

    • Perspectives on Reclassifying

    • Best Fit vs Highest Conference 

    • Assessing your Childs Potential and Interests

    • Motivating your child to be an active participant in their future outside of the ball

    • Selecting an Advisor/Agent

    • Testing the "NBA" or "Professional" Waters

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