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Basketball Holiday. History in the Making at St. Bonaventure and Jaylen Adams Family Christmas.

Jaylen Adams in win over Syracuse U Image by BonniesMBB

Although social media posts show that we were together the majority of the day it was a different kind of holiday for the Adams crew. The perils of a mom and her now YOUNG MEN. Christmas starts at noon and gift giving has changed. In fact we had a “Multiple Choice” gift exchange. (conversation for another blog) We also had an entire conversation about thankfulness and consideration of others over dinner. Like most things..I feel like that conversation went in one ear and out the other. As a mom you always wonder if it will show up later in some form that you would least expect.

Post Game Fan Support

And then it does. Jaylen's shows up in how he handles a 5 year old super duper fan or how he has patience with each and every fan that comes up to see him. That goes back to poise, being grateful, and being humble. All lessons taught at home. Christmas dinner was prepared and eaten with much love and thankfulness quotes which turned into life lessons. Of course, Jaylen reminded me that a lesson doesn't always have to be taught. Moms response, “Every moment in life is a lesson son, ” and also identifying that he should allow some of the little things to be the bigger things. For instance, having a 70 year old grandmother who he calls the Who cooked all day and starved as he showed up an hour late with the aloofness he always has had. Made me cringe my teeth until they hurt. But NANNY will never peep a word...she will be the grandmother she is...and love him anyway.

Post Game Interview

How the 21 year old takes many moments for granted but then basks in the moment of being the leader of his team..who gave Coach Schmidt a story of a lifetime by just becoming available by circumstance at the Alhambra tournament courtesy of Jacksonville university firing their head coach (who Bonaventure ironically plays against (UMass) for their 1st conference game on NBCSN at 2:30 12/31). ( (BonniesMBB)

I am positive that Jaylen has given Schmidt a few more gray hairs and some more open space in the middle of his head but on this night he gave him something he’s never achieved. A win at SYRACUSE University where the Organgemen didn't agree with Norlander who made the Bonnies mascot this years team and had made their own banner that said....New Yorks Team ( (CBSports)

MERRY CHRISTMAS Schmidt....MERRY CHRISTMAS Olean...MERRY CHRISTMAS NY.... 40 years in the making...BONAVENTURES Jaylen Adams as they said....SO BALTIMORE....where he grew up playing the game but learned many of his life lessons right in the 21076. Lil ole Hanover MD.

What many didn't know about that day is that his mom went through hell and high water to get to that game not just to see an historic possibility but to make sure HER son could get home from the school FOR HIS 72 HOUR senior year Christmas because we all know that no CHRISTMAS will ever be the same after 2017. I had a layover in Philly where my flight got canceled to Syracuse and I went into silent mini-goon mode to still figure it out...a Christmas Miracle occurred...there was an angry New Yorker headed to that same game who saw my bling jersey and said, “If you can get to dad will come get us and make sure we get to the game.” (A few other hairy mishaps occurred along the way but I made it to ITHACA) He was a sure nough SYRACUSE fan (Martin Farrell) but he was BONAVENTURES lead guy's LIFESAVER that night...I missed the spectacular 17 minutes of the 1st half but I saw enough when my first born ran around the gym with a level of ENERGY...I had never seen before. Son...thank you for the HISTORIC MEMORY...thank you for searching out your mom as your first stop when you came back out of the locker room. I don't mind sharing with people that adore you as a player...because I have the unique position of adoring you as my son.....

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