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WAIVED but Not Done!

When you are a blogger you share the news regardless. I haven’t written in a while because things were status quo until the beginning of summer league with the injured toe for the 1st game, through the struggle of the 4 remaining games all the way through last night 10:48 Vegas time. Before it hits the presses I thought it would be best Informing OUR fans here.

After a not so pleasant performance, Jaylen has been waived from the Atlanta Hawks. He is disappointed and handling it much like not being drafted. As his mom, so I am. While yall were sleeping, I was stressing. Not because other opportunities won’t exist but because I’m his mom and we feel what our children feel regardless of how old they are.

However, he has done what many doubted he could ever achieve and that’s make the roster of an NBA squad. It’s difficult to read the negative commentary of the fans in times of struggle but that’s a part of the game too. They are brutal but you have to be showtime ready when the ball meets the court. I know how hard he works so this is a small setback towards yet another comeback. Life’s disappointments make you better. His home team “The Fam” will ensure that. As a young man it’s a learning moment.

I must say he was blessed to have the experience of being a member of the elite 450 especially with the Atlanta Hawks. There are many places he could’ve landed but this team gave him an opportunity to grow. The organization is family oriented and hands down a class act from the security staff to the ownership. Much respect, as everyone in the organization I encountered as a parent delivered the same message “we love your son and he is a pleasure to be around.” As a mom, to that I say THANK YOU Atlanta.

In the end he will lace up his sneakers 👟and regroup to resurface. Because that’s what we do. This is not the end but the start of a new beginning. As details unfold...I’ll be writing.

Flight ✈️going up. Thanks for your continued support and we will press on with the journey of !

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