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Things Done Changed

Thought it was a good time to write a blog.  Hard to believe I haven't written since November 2nd.  A lot happened in the last few weeks.  All God’s plan, action, and faith.  Jaylen’s contract was converted from the 2 Way to a multi-year (to be explained below) and Brendan had his first start since his UCONN freshmen year began during a regular season game.   

There have been many feelings throughout the season for me as mom.  Hard to watch your freshmen son struggle during the transition from high school to college.  Not being there every day to monitor his emotions has been tough. However, it's also given him a chance to grow and find a way to process through how own feelings, learn expectations from new people, and the demands of the game on a new level as he becomes a young adult.   

As far as Jay,  I'm grateful for the promotion.  This step has also been the journey to the story of his life.  SHOW and PROVE.  If you have been watching, he has had great performances and sometimes OK performances and a few injuries along the way.  However, one thing I can attest to is he is prepared for the next journey.  It has always been baby steps to the next goal and the ultimate goal.   

A little on the multi-year contract.  He is guaranteed through the end of the season (mid-April) unless they make the playoffs.  These 25 games will be his opportunity to prove himself night in and night out (approx. 25 games).  After that he CAN play through July with a partial guarantee.  If he does what he knows how to do and does it well then he will be guaranteed through the end of the 2020 season. I am very proud of his grace in it all.   

So for everyone who keeps saying MOM you can relax he made it, we say he his on his way to the next step.    As for now, we still grindin' and I get up and go to work every day.  

A mother never stops worrying and pressing on to the next step.  On to helping him find a place in the ATL and helping him through his first major purchase…a car.  (Story to come on a future blog about our 1st conversation about a car…) 

Am I excited?  HELL YEAH! But, it all just still feels kinda normal.  I still watch every game and text them critiques and applauds.  I'm really just watching for improvement.  One of the things I always think about is how for me it feels so REGULAR because with each success there became new challenges and more expectations.  I never looked at the END goal but just worked really hard to make sure they were supported to get to the NEXT goal.  I always tell them to put their blinders on, head on a swivel, and ears closed to the naysay.  I guess along the way I was doing the same thing.   

Late news but I will talk about it anyway.  I had booked a flight for all star weekend awhile back in anticipation of my son being there but none the less I went anyway to do some “politicking.” I went down on the humble with no plan.  It was englighting.  I had the chance to do 2 community service projects with the Mom’s of the NBA Players organization and NBA Cares.  I had tickets for the all the all star games and also the most exciting event, the LEGENDS brunch where Alonzo Mourning, Muggsy Bogues, Dale Curry, and Glen Robinson were honored.  Ernie Johnson was the host and he is hilarious and the kicker was that Michael Jordan came out to speak at the end.  A morning well worth the time.  The mom’s brunch hosted by Robin Paul and Sonya Curry was also a special event as they honored both Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wades mom’s.  They gave the most powerful speeches (lots of tears, insight, and advice for us mom's) and it was a very intimate setting at Ruth Chris. Damian Lillard's mom Gina (who was super cool) introduced me as a rookie mom whose son just signed a multi-year deal with the Hawks to Sonya Curry.  Her words to me, "Nice to meet you, you look too young to me someones mom.  I thought you were a players wife."    I wish I had an emoji to put here lol...

The REALITY CHECK: I think sometimes it does hit me that he's in the league.  Like when he's checking Chris Paul, or Austin Rivers, and on the same court as Paul George and getting assists off of Vince Carters 3's.  Or for the one possession where he checked James Harding which means he had a small hand in holding him to less than 30 points for the first time after 30 something games.  It is amazing being able to see them on my big screen when I am not actually at the game.  PEACE AND BLESSINGS. 

Signing off… 

A MOM, her boys and the BALL! 

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