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Ouch...Rough Start to This Basketball Season

When you are a sports mom, you often carry the losses home with you too. Especially if you played and also coached. When it’s a long flight or drive home you find yourself looking for changes that could have been made and answers for your sons. Neither Jaylen (conference games) or Brendan’s senior year seasons were supposed to begin this way. Pre-season projections said 2nd in the league for St. Bonaventure with two of the top guards in the country.

A10 Rankings after 3 games into the season.

And this was certainly supposed to be a good year for Calvert Hall if all things remained the same moving into the start of the season but of course all things didn’t.

They lost one senior to a knee injury, 1 senior decided not to return for personal reasons , 2 transferred to public schools, another was asked to leave the school. All either starters or major contributors. A record of 3 and 11 is surely not a good start with 10 games to go. One thing you certainly don’t ever want your young players to do is get used to losing so you start looking for messages within the circumstances.

Message sent to Jay after last nights loss “I love you son. The path to success is never easy. Dig deep...look within yourself...and come out of these two losses a better man and better player. Ask yourself...WHY ARE WE HERE? and What can I do to make the situation better? As I told you at the Christmas dinner table there is a lesson to be learned in everything!”

For Brendan it's been "Become a better a leader and control the things that you can control, all other things will work themselves out. For the record when you score 23 or more your team wins!" You are both seniors now and the sooner you learn the lessons the better off you will both be. All things in due time but walk out of each scenario looking at yourself! Be the alpha dogs you have been prepared to be.

Signing off...Mom Alpha Dog!

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