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Senior Night #1 Acey Ducey Brendan Adams at Calvert Hall

The sold out crowd roared as Coach Bauersfeld in grand fashion announced Brendan’s name last as the senior leader and captain of the squad and spoke of his 3.9 grade point average. He also spoke of his offensive prowess and how he likes to score throughout his years at the school while jokingly speaking of his lack of defense as well.

It was a must win night. No MIAA playoffs for the first time in years for Calvert Hall if they took a L. A team effort was needed in order for the 6 seniors to end their last regular season career game on a high note. Brendan hit his 1st three but missed the next few and figured it out in the 3rd quarter by aggressively attacking the rim. 1510 was the magic number as the final buzzer sounded of his regular high school season game along with 7 rebounds, 7 assists, and 1 steal for the night.

It’s not everyday you attend a school that graduates 6 seniors and two managers all carrying over a 3.2 GPA.

Seniors Calvert Hall Basketball 2018
Senior Night Locker Decoration

It was a night full of excitement as Loyola kept pace with CH the entire time. The teams traded buckets until the final buzzer as they tried to ruin CH's senior night by avenging a triple overtime loss on their homecourt from a few weeks ago.

Brendan Adams and Family

Brendan Adams with mom Yalonda and Grandmom Elaine

On this very same night, iphone in hand, I was also watching the Bonnies stay within 2 to 6 points for the entire game against what team? It turns out that on your senior night your brother Jay and his team took down that "Rhody Blue" which will be your home exactly 124 days from now. (I often tell people that I grow several gray hair strands when I'm watching both of you play at the same time) Rhody was on a 16 game winning streak (the longest in the country) and St. Bonaventure on a 7 game winning streak.

Brendan will have an opportunity to end his career with close to 1700 points. It was a great night. Brendan, another milestone that you will never see again. Another feather in your cap. Another moment along your journey. I'm so very proud.

Mom Yalonda rocking #teambrendanadams gear

So there’s this boy he kinda stole my ❤️. He calls me mom!

Love you to pieces Brendan,


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