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Changes, Updates, Thank You’s and Grindtime

(picture courtesy of UCONN athletics)

I waited a bit to let the dust settle to blog about the decommit/recommit experience. In addition, SOOOO much is going on. Proms, graduations, senior ceremonies. All good stuff but no BRAIN BREAKS. It is always best as a blogger to write during the experience but this one needed reflection. I was nervous, I was tired, and sometimes even with FAITH as my anchor...still anxious about the unknown. When you have something settled and it unravels it affects you. It’s the fear of the unknown. What schools have scholarships left? What schools have actually watched him play? Which assistant coaches are just trying to hold on to their job by finding a roster filler? Who has genuine interest to help your child maximize the opportunity?

So my advice as a parent is that you get really STILL, pray on it, and reevaluate as if the process for recruitment is in the 1st stages because it is (revisit college visits posts.) Although as a family we see all change as an opportunity, it’s still change, and change elicits emotion. The one thing I will say about the recruiting process is that once you sign that letter of intent, your rights are no longer yours (it’s a contract) and any decision to change your fate is in the hands of the university. You have to be patient when requesting a de-commitment and adamant at the same time about what your intention and desire is about the release. Sometimes you may be asked to concede for the greater good for a temporary amount of time (wait out the coaching hiring process etc.) The university will determine whether, when, how or if they will actually release you. You become a commodity when you sign a letter of intent. Having gone through it with both sons my advice to any person in charge of a players commitment is to ask about other options. They exist. You just have to be educated. It’s business. In addition I would say, don’t burn bridges during any parts of the recruiting process because you never know who will resurface where you land. The coaching circle is a very small one across all levels.

However, for us once the release actually was finalized, multiple schools called.

With that being said to all of the Rhody family, staff, athletic director, current players, and new recruits, sometimes it’s a little unclear to everyone about whats going on behind the scenes, or timing, so don’t judge the decision, because each family has a right to do what is best for them. To the negative commenter's on our decision to make a change as a family, I understand being a FAN but I understand more about being a PARENT first and as a result sometimes the difficult choice may not be the most popular for the masses. I will miss the opportunity to be the A10FirstLady. To Coach Cox, our experience with you was exceptional and I applaud the TRUE PROFESSIONAL you really are in a game that is not always treated as such. To the UCONN family (coaching staff, coaching support staff), thanks for embracing us and showing us the UCONN way. To Danny Hurley we are grateful that you see the gift in our son and look forward to watching the “FIRST BRICK” be the foundation to many years of growth for many more building blocks.

I’ve watched Brendan’s work ethic ratchet up to another level over the last few weeks since the decision was made. Excitement is in the air! Let's play ball.

As always. Thanks for reading!

A MOM, her boys, and the 🏀

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