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Draft Combine and Workout Status

So it didn't happen as we had planned. The combine came and went and he never got called up from the alternative list. In fact, only one person did. I couldn't bring myself to watch it so I don't even know how it turned out. That was pretty frustrating for me but didn't really seem to be so much for Jay. I might need to take a lesson out of his book....that page that says....which he always says..."'s not a big deal. It will all work itself out!"

Alternative List

The fact of the matter is that there are potential gains and losses to attending the combine. The combine itself includes, medical assessments, interviews, shooting drills, measurements, athletic testing, and 5 of 5 games. If you have a flaw in any of those categories it can change your trajectory either direction. It's also good for small school prospects (like Jay) if you really haven't been seen but there were some level of scout representation at most of the games I went to. So as I said, PROs and CONs. In addition, he participated in the draft process last year so some teams had a chance to see him already.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and the combine is not the only entry point to the next level. The blessing in all of this is that he has five workouts with 5 teams scheduled thus far over the next two weeks, across the country. The pro is the actual interest being shone and the opportunity. The pro/con is the rigor. To prevent fatigue he will have to keep his body prepared (hydration, nutrition, and rest) throughout the heavy workouts and travel. All lessons that should have be taught and learned prior to this moment. What did happen the way we planned on 5/13/2018, was graduation. Degree in hand. Proud of him for that but the rigors of the athletic schedule didn't yield the overall GPA that I would have expected. My advice as a parent of an intelligent young adult is to teach them organization skills and time management early because that's what's most needed as a student/athlete on the collegiate level. Being an athlete is a full time job with overtime expected. Although, I can't really say that while I was on job interviews 23 years ago after I graduated, people were asking me my overall GPA, but as a mom, I still believe in pushing yourself to the limit because you are going to have to do that no matter where you end up in life. Also, tell your child to not take his gown out of the package as he/she is walking to the graduation processional. It needs to be ironed. I love this young man...but sheesh.... The funny story was we actually bumped into each other prior to graduation and low and behold he didn't have his scarf. So I ask where it is, and he tells me he packed it in the car last night. So with 15 minutes to spare, I run out to the car in heels and rummage through his bags to find it..MOMS DOING WHAT THEY DO. STUDENT/ ATHLETE mom to the rescue. The other one of course he never picked up which was a representation of the Multicultural club, I made sure we got that too.

St Bonaventure Graduation 2018

The ball keeps bouncing.

The grind keeps going. In fact it never ends.

The rewards keep coming.

Life Outside and Inside the 94.

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