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Graduation, TATTOO for the Road, Final Days, and the UCONN DROP!

(Brendan final moment's as a Calvert Hall College High School Student)

It’s almost DO DAY (DROP OFF DAY). 12 hours before we are in the airport to start the next journey. How quickly the time passed from graduation to now. He's been on a bit of a world tour for the past few weeks doing whatever he wants to do but it's all about to make it's way back to GRIND SEASON mode. Also, it happened again! A graduation gown that came out of the package right before walking down the isle. Of course that means wrinkles. Some things as a parent, you just don't have control of. In addition, Brendan lost his tassel for his graduation cap between the car and the church. Go figure. BOYS. What I must say though is, I watched Brendan make sure everyone was taken care of. He had a dilemma of not enough tickets for graduation but ensuring his family was present. He's my guy. He PROTECTS everyone. Somehow despite his personal turmoil he figured it out and everyone that he felt should be there was. He has a very compassionate spirit and I love him for that. For the last few weeks, he's been getting up every morning and evening (as he's done for a long time) grinding to become a better player. He knows the expectation and immediate impact necessary and says he ready to meet the challenge. It's evidenced by the words on his arms.

These two boys never cease to amaze me. they both have my name tattoo'd on there arms. Despite my angst with the timing of getting them and the quantity, they have all been meaningful and thoughtful. Scriptures, experiences, and motivation all being the message. Truly, I think they put my name on their arm because they felt like it would ease the blow of the "SLEEVES" that they have created and will create. Gotta love when they think they are tricking me. However, it's an honor to know that I'm always with them not just in spirit but visually EVERYTIME they make a decision forever etched onto their arms as a reminder of who they were birthed from.

(Brendan's dedication to MOM Tattoo 1)

(Tattoo 2 of Brendan's initial set - "Measure of a Man")

(Tattoo 3 - Serenity Prayer)

(Jaylen's initial tattoo's a MOM dedication)

Anyway, it's GO time. HERE WE COME UCONN. We Huskies now!


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