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No Draft to 2 Way Contract

BLESSINGS. Watching the NBA DRAFT 2018, which was my first time, because we had a stake in the game ended up being a painful process. As I mentioned in the last blog, Jaylen decided not to be home. But my mom, dad, and Leigh and I were at home watching it. I fell asleep between the 35-45 pick but I knew that the room would erupt if he made it. Can you believe the COMCAST cable went out in the middle of the draft? Luckily I have Verizon cable service access as well. So we sat as a family and watched those tickers. It was interesting to watch the commentators talk, and different perspectives on how and when players were drafted. When you have seen many of the players throughout this journey it is only natural to start comparing. As his mom, honestly I started playing the "REALLY?" Jay pound for pound stacks well against that guy game in your head. That was short lived because in life I've been reminded by choice and circumstances that WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE and All in God's time. At the end he held his head high. I knew he was disappointed but he took it like a champ and I told him to lace his sneakers up and go back to battle. WE DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO BE DISAPPOINTED because in less than 12 hours, he signed with the Atlanta Hawk (Bayhawks) on a 2 Way contract. What this means is that he will have to earn his way onto the permanent roster and will have up to a total of 45 games potentially to be a part of the ACTIVE roster. But as you all know we are used to this. SHOW And PROVE and it shall be done. This is once again GROUND ZERO. It's like being a freshmen in high school and college again. EARN YOUR KEEP and SOLIDIFY YOUR POSITION.

He leaves on Wednesday to Atlanta and then off to UTAH and VEGAS for summer league. Tune in on the 7th and 8th for the first few games. Once the G league starts he will be back with his biggest fans not to far away from St. Bonaventure University in Erie, Pennsylvania with the Bayhawks. Not many players are considered "draftable" but he was considered “opportunityable.” You only need one team to like like and he had two options. The Hawks saw something special and we love it! All we need is a door and we will crash right through it. I want to thank everyone for all the LOVE. The genuine support is appreciated! We are a small camp, and we keep our circles really close but knowing that other people have our children covered in prayer and support, well that makes the journey to the ultimate goal that much sweeter. It takes a VILLAGE and we are one step closer. Jaylen is going to take the small crack in the door and KICK the door off the hinges! Keep watchin....

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