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GAMETIME: Been Gone for a Minute. Team10 is BACK!

Guess what time it is again! The excitement is in the air as the preseason opener and Midnight Madness experiences  are approaching. It’s been fun decompressing from 20 years of chasing the ball on a daily basis. But, it’s also been challenging to regroup, be able to breath a little, and figure out what’s next. I’m very excited for the beginning of the boys new journeys.

Thought I would drop by with a blog post before I head to the ATL for Jaylen’s first pre-season game as an Atlanta HAWK. I hesitated to write and took my time because I don’t really know how I feel. All things changed when those flights to the ATL and UCONN touched the sky back in August. Although its not the end, it is for them the beginning of a new era and quite frankly for all of us. Exciting but something to adjust to.

The send off was a blast. People came from all walks of life to wish them well. Family, friends, co-workers all showed up for the Adams clan. It was a blessing to say the least. WE are so THANKFUL! Brendan and Jaylen are fully covered and their footsteps have been guided. They have been raised by the village and their life choices become their own now. Somehow it feels like overnight you change roles from guidance to consultant in what seeems like a blink of an eye. 

As far as me,  I will continue to write and keep you informed of the comings and goings of the young men they are becoming. 

Just wanted to provide some insight about what’s been going on since I haven’t blogged in a while. Jay’s 2way contract means he can play up to 45 days with the ATLANTA HAWKS team. He’s on the roster and prayerfully he will be blessed with the opportunity or one even greater in terms of contract. In between time you should be tuning in to the Eerie Bayhawks schedule. I’ve been busy although the ball hasn’t been bouncing. Jay’s a business now and my role as always is to protect his interests and therefore spent some time setting up a corporation, establishing marketing plans, reviewing business opportunities, and everything in between. As I always say, that’s the “LIFE OUTISDE THE 94!” As far as Brendan, well nothing but rave reviews. The coaches have had nothing but rave reviews on his performance both on and off the court. Their message has consistently been “YALL HAVE RAISED HIM WELL!” That’s music to all parents ears. 

2 funny stories 😄 before my plane goes up. They say GOD looks out for fools and children! Jay dropped a package off to the POST OFFICE that was supposed to go out FEDEX for his business. I’m sure he was rapping to the girl at the counter. Well low and behold the package got lost from a send date of August 10th and he just informed me in September 20th and expected me to fix the problem. I go to the post office and they actually remember him. SHOCKED! But the package wasn’t there and of course there is no tracking # so they give me the info for FEDEX. Stop at a FEDEX store and they give me the customer service number. I call and they check a few things. Still nothing. The next day the package shows up at the shipping address via a postal carrier. BLESSINGS or foolery, which one? Messaging from mom. Always have a tracking number and take your packages to the appropriate place. 

Brendan’s funny story is just that he has this master plan to decorate his room and won’t send me any pictures until it’s done. The season is about to begin so let’s see when the completion date really will be. I’m proud that he picked a senior to room with. There’s a future story in that choice I’m sure and ironically his name is Jalen Adams!

SIGNING OFF for now! Plane ✈️ in the air! 

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