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Were on the Move! Erie Bayhawks here we come!

(Picture courtesy of Erie Bayhawks Instagram page)

Catching up before I hop on another plane. Playing this game is a very fluid process. As a player and a parent you have to ride the waves of the 2 way contract and be be ready to “ROLE” (yep that’s the word that belongs). Jaylen spent 8 of his up to 45 days with the Atlanta Hawks and is now with Atlanta’s “G” League affiliate team effective 2 days ago. Don’t fret we aren’t! He will be back SOON! Best part about it all is Jay’s approach to the game and life! It’s a path to the ultimate goal! Gotta love that spirit! 

(Roster picture courtesy of the Erie Bayhawks instagram) 

I am still trying to figure out how, when, and where you can see the games. First game tonight at 7.  Not to mention that he goes up against the Orlando team the “Lakeland Magic” tomorrow night who my nephew Troy Caupain plays for.  Should be fun!

 (Picture courtesy of the Erie Bayhawks website)

Bonnies fans we are back close to home! Come out and support! 

Once again, plane ✈️ going up. See you on the other side. 

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