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40-44-24-26 Jaylen Adams

Jaylen this one is not about you but for you. A simple blog on how PROUD I am of you. How you have managed the RIGOR of being a college student athlete. The fanfare...the successes and setbacks.... I AM SITTING BACK CALMLY TAKING IT IN. Riding the wave. Amazed at the player you are becoming. Watching you mature. Watching you lead. I hesitated to write about the ENORMOSITY of to 40ish back-to-back games because everyone else has done a really good job of it. However, I refuse not to speak about the amount of hours logged in the gym to get to this moment. The setbacks (injuries 3 out of the 4 years), and the HIGH expectations. I also know that you are on the countdown of your final bona basketball season with 7 regular season games, 3 A10 playoff games, and countless NCAA tourney games (predictions). It is almost as if I don’t want to JINX the current momentum. After all, it appears that the games I attend you don’t have these mega performances (at the time of writing this that was the case but that changed at Lasalle). Many times, I have said you need to be this guy and you need to do more of this as a basketball player and you kindly say, “I kinda just let the game come to me!” And I’m always like I get it but….lol. Somehow though, every little thing I’ve mentioned you needed to do…has shown up at some point on your journey so somehow it’s a nice give and take towards the future goal. 

With you steadily placing yourself in the record books…next stop….highest scoring guard ever in Bonaventure Basketball (CHECKED OFF as of this blog post time) and helping the team rise to MANY FIRSTS SINCE…over 20 year occurrences…I simply remain in AWE…viewing the early naysayers from WAY WAY Afar…What they didn’t know is you have a mother that won’t quit and a father who has worked tirelessy on the basketball aspect to ensure that you were the BEST….

No matter what happens TONIGHT at 7 ESPN2 against the school of choice of your brother…remember keep grindin and keep giving 💯% 

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